Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3rd International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry

3rd International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry

Topics: Green ChemistryGeneral ChemistryKeywords: Synthesis, Energy, Renewable Feedstocks, Education, Policy
Date: /15/16/17/18/19/ August 2010, Ottawa, Canada, North America
Web SiteContact: info@icgc2010.ca
Official Information:
The Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network (CGCEN) and the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) extend a warm invitation to researchers, educators, business representatives and policy experts from around the world to hear and share the latest advances in green chemistry at the 3rd IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry. Topics will include green chemistry, green engineering, energy production, policy, and education. In keeping with the theme of the conference, “The Road to Greener Industry”, industry researchers and representatives are particularly encouraged to attend.
Conference Topics
  • Benign synthesis (catalysis, solvents, reagents)
  • Green chemistry for energy production (hydrogen, fuel cell, greener energy production, fuels from biomass)
  • Chemicals from renewables (chemicals from biomass, waste plastics, waste CO2)
  • Green engineering (process intensification, energy savings, separations)
  • Education in green chemistry and engineering
  • Policy (corporate and governmental)

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